Service Life Cycle Management - Opportunities and Challenges


White paper by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, sponsored by Tavant.

Download the report to explore the dynamic world of SLM and how it's revolutionizing the manufacturing industry with data-driven service excellence.

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In a Harvard Business Review Analytic Services white paper sponsored by Tavant, we explore the realm of Service Life Cycle Management (SLM) and the profound implications of data connectivity for OEMs, suppliers, dealers, customers, and machines. Explore how organizations like Kubota Tractor Corp, Thermo King have shifted focus towards strategic extraction of value from data and its effective monetization.

Key takeaways

  • Explore the unprecedented potential of SLM, powered by IoT, rapid data processing, and AI, all geared towards enhancing service delivery.
  • Unlock new service-based revenue streams, offer insights, and forge lasting customer relationships through SLM
  • Gain insights into predictive maintenance to optimize efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Navigate the hurdles of dealer resistance, data governance, and the integration of new skill sets, ensuring a successful transition into the service-focused era of manufacturing.

Download the white paper to discover how SLM can revolutionize your business, strengthen customer loyalty, drive profitability, and propel you to the forefront of data-driven service excellence in manufacturing