Manufacturers have historically viewed warranty management as a by-product of selling a piece of equipment or product, not as a strategic part of the business. This mindset is changing as manufacturers begin to understand that each interaction with a customer is an opportunity to deliver value and enhanced experiences. But in this new world, real-time insights are critical to delivering on this heightened level of support. Technologies like artificial intelligence will be the cornerstone of this transformation as real-time data insights drive better service and more personalized experiences. This webinar explores the trends driving the manufacturing and service industry, the transformation happening in warranty management today, and the impact AI will have on the future

Key Takeaways:

  • Trends driving manufacturers to rethink service
  • Warranty management in the age of experiences
  • How AI and other technologies enable the future of warranty management
  • Aftermarket 4.0 and more…


  • Aly Pinder, Program Director, IDC
  • Atul Varshneya, VP, Artificial Intelligence, Tavant


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